Lilith Terra is a queer Photographer and was born in 1977.
She grew up in Hessen.
After a long search she found a home in Berlin.

She has been working in the field of psychiatry , psychosomatics and psychotherapy for 24 years.

In 2012 she discovered her passion for (self-) photography.

Last year Lilith began curating and organising exhibitions for the joy of collaborating with other artists.

Her images seek to break through the surface
and to go deeper into an inner dialogue.
The eye of the beholder is guided on this journey through rooms,
shadow plays,
and the representation of interpersonal and inner disputes.

Her pictures tell stories.
They are voyeuristic-looking reflections of real situations , sessions and experiences.
She is creating a strong expression of an intimate world.
Full of urges , passion , fantasy , devotion and love.
Thereby she often takes part of her pictures and is not just behind the camera.

Lilith Terra loves poetry , timeless aesthetics , and surreal art.