Mein heimliches Auge.

I am very happy to be included in this issue with my photographs.
Many thanks to Claudia Gehrke and Konkursbuch Verlag.

Prints for Sale.

Some photographs from my last exhibition are for sale.

The price is negotiable.

If you are interested, please contact me and I will show you which photographs are involved.

The Code x Lilith Terra Exhibition

Köpenicker Str. 79 10179 Berlin

LILITH TERRA X THE CODE Between 27th September-7th October,
photographer Lilith Terra
will be taking over our backroom for an intimate exhibition
of her work.
Lilith’s photographs are voyeuristic reflections of real situations and sessions,
drawn from personal experience. They show an intimate world
of sexuality and expression –
a world of urges, passion, fantasy, devotion and love.
Lilith herself appears
in front of the camera
as often as behind it.
Come by the store 27th Sep. –
7th Oct. to see her work.

We invite u to celebrate the
Finissage on 7th October
19:00-22:00 with us 🎶🥂

DJ Set Freudenthal // Berlin

The entrance is free

Erinnerung und Betrachtung.

Das Wissen erleuchtete vergessene Gemächer in dem dunklen Haus der frühen Kindheit. Ich wusste jetzt warum ich zu Hause Heimweh haben konnte. [ G. K. Chesterton ]

Model: Sue Ramkali